In July 2021, the Community Eye Health team conducted a pilot eye health survey in the Glen Innes, Panmure and Ōrākei areas of Auckland. This survey gave us the opportunity to collect information about the state of eye health in a small group of New Zealanders, before we embark on our more ambitious population-based eye health survey in 2023.

Lead Optometrist and PhD candidate Jaymie Rodgers played a key role in the day-to-day operations of this pilot study.

“As part of my research project, I am delivering comprehensive eye examinations to people in this community where we believe there may be unmet eye health needs. In particular, we want to know if there are any differences in access to eye care,” says Jaymie.

Throughout the pilot study, Jaymie together with Optometrist and Professional Teaching Fellow Veeran Morar supervised a team of clinical optometry students as they conducted eye examinations at the Te Whare Piringa community centre in Glen Innes.

Watch Jaymie and team set up the eye clinic at Te Whare Piringa community centre in Glen Innes, above.

Currently, Jaymie is busy analysing data from the survey pilot, and enrolling a cohort of participants for further follow-up. Her PhD research will continue within the population-based eye care survey that will begin in 2023, where she will will follow a group of participants with vision impairment over a 12-month period to understand the barriers that they face in accessing follow-up eye care services.

See inside the pop-up eye clinic, below:


The research team: 


The research team would like to acknowledge Peter and Rae Fehl, Blind Low Vision New Zealand and New Zealand Association of Optometrists for their support.

Participants in this project are benefiting from the SOVS Community Spectacle Scheme, which is supported by Helen Blake, Barbara Blake and Essilor.