A female eye health survey participant refraction is examined


We publish the findings of our research in peer-reviewed journal articles and as commissioned reports. Here you can find a selection of relevant publications authored by the Community Eye Health team. (*our team members indicated in bold text below. For a full list of publications by each author, please visit their profiles on the University of Auckland staff directory).

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2024 publications

Rogers JTBlack J, Harwood M, Wilkinson, B, Kandel, H, Ramke, JRVision impairment and differential access to eye health services in Aotearoa New Zealand: a scoping review. BMJ Public Health 2024;2:e000313.

Samuels I, Hamm LM, Silva JC, Tousignant B, Furtado JM, Goodman LWatene R, Adams J, Ramke J, Harwood M. Use of the CONSIDER statement by eye health researchers when conducting and reporting research involving Indigenous peoples: an online survey. Eye, 2024.

Rogers JT, Kandel H, Harwood M, Vea T, Black J, Ramke JAccess to eye care among adults from an underserved community in Aotearoa New Zealand. Clinical & experimental optometry, 2024.

2023 publications

Silwal P, Lee A, Squirrell D, Zhao J, Harwood M, Vincent A, Murphy R, Ameratunga S, Ramke J. Use of public sector diabetes eye services in New Zealand 2006–2019: Analysis of national routinely collected datasets, Plos One 2023.

Black J, Collins A, Ramke J, Phillips G, Giurgiu A, Morar VWatene R, Dakin, S. Vision Bus Aotearoa: a platform for strengthening eye health teaching, research and community partnership, Clinical and Experimental Optometry 2023; 106(2):165-170.

Silwal PWatene RHarwood M, Ramke, J. Eye health for all in Aotearoa New Zealand: Summarising our situation using a WHO tool. Lancet Reg Health West Pac. 2023;30.

Bright T, Ramke J, Zhang JH, Kitema GF, Safi S, Mdala S, Yoshizaki M, Brennan-Jones CG, Mactaggart I, Gordon I, Swenor BK, Burton M, Evans J. Prevalence and impact of combined vision and hearing (dual sensory) impairment: A scoping review. PLOS Global Public Health. 2023;3:e0001905.

Ramke J, Silva JC, Gichangi M, Ravilla T, Burn H, Buchan J, Welch V, Gilbert C, Burton M. Cataract services for all: Strategies for equitable access from a global modified Delphi process. PLOS Global Public Health. 2023;3:e0000631.

McCormick I, Kim MJ, Hydara A, Olaniyan S, Jobe, M, Badjie, O, Sanyang N, Jarju G, Njai M, Sankareh A, Bastawrous A, Mactaggart I, Burton MJ, Ramke J. Socioeconomic position and eye health outcomes: identifying inequality in rapid population-based surveys. BMJ Open. 2023;13:e069325.

2022 publications

Silwal P, Watene R, Harwood M, & Ramke J. Eye health for all in Aotearoa New Zealand: Summarising our situation using a WHO tool. The Lancet Regional Health – Western Pacific, 30(December 2022), 100665.

Thanalingam Y, Langridge F, Gordon I, Russell J, Muir C, & Hamm LMStrategies and tools to aid the transition between paediatric and adult health services for young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders: A scoping review protocol. BMJ Open 2022; 12(11)

May E, Arach P, Kishiki E, Geneau R, Maehara G, Sukhai M, & Hamm LMLearning to see after early and extended blindness: A scoping review. Frontiers in Psychology 2022; 13 

Goodman LHamm, LBlack J, Misra S, Tousignant B, Keay L, Woodburn S, Harwood M, Evans JR, Ramke J. Primary eye health services for older adults as a component of Universal Health Coverage: a scoping review of evidence from high income countries. Lancet Regional Health – Western Pacific 2022;100560.

Ramke J, Zhao J, Wilson O, Lee AC, Dakin S, Watene R, Cunningham W, Harwood M, Black JGeographic access to eye health services in Aotearoa New Zealand: which communities are being left behind?, Clinical and Experimental Optometry Clinical and Experimental Optometry 2022.

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Evans JR, Lawrenson J, Ramke J, Virgili G, Gordon I, Lingham G, Yasmin S, Keel S. Identification and critical appraisal of evidence for interventions for refractive error to support the development of the WHO Package of Eye Care Interventions. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics 2022;42(3)526-533.     

2021 publications

Rogers JT, Black J, Harwood M, Wilkinson B, Gordon I, Ramke JVision impairment and differential use of eye health services in Aotearoa New Zealand: Protocol for a scoping review. BMJ Open 2021;11(9):e048215.

Hamm L, Yashadhana A, Burn H, Black J, Grey C, Harwood M, Peiris-John R, Burton MJ, Evans JR, Ramke J. Interventions to promote access to eyecare for non-dominant ethnic groups in high-income countries: a scoping review BMJ Global Health 2021;6:e006188.

Burn H, Hamm LBlack J, Burnett A, Harwood M, Burton MJ, Evans JR, Ramke JEye care delivery models to improve access to eye care for Indigenous people in high-income countries: a scoping reviewBMJ Global Health 2021;6:e004484.

Findlay R, Black JGoodman L, Chelimo C, Grant CC, Anstice N. (2021) Diagnostic accuracy of the Parr vision test, single crowded Lea symbols and Spot vision screener for vision screening of preschool children aged 4-5 years in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics.

Marques AP, Ramke J, Cairns J, Butt T, Zhang JH, Muirhead D, Jones I, Ah Tong BA, Swenor BK, Faal H, Bourne RRA, Frick K, Burton MJ. Global economic productivity losses from vision impairment and blindness. EClinicalMedicine 2021;35:100852.

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2020 publications

Hamm L, Black J, Burn H, Grey C, Harwood M, Peiris-John R, Gordon I, Burton MJ, Evans JR, Ramke JInterventions to promote access to eye care for, non-Indigenous, non-dominant ethnic groups in high-income countries: a scoping review protocolBMJ Open 2020;10:e033775.

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2019 (and earlier) publications

Burn H, Black J, Harwood M, Gordon I, Burnett A, Hamm L, Evans JR, Ramke JEye care delivery models to improve access to eye care for Indigenous peoples in high income countries: protocol for a scoping reviewBMJ Open 2019;9:e029214.

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Goodman L, Chakraborty A, Paudel N, Yu T, Jacobs RJ, Harding JE, Thompson B, Anstice NS. Vision screening at two years does not reduce the prevalence of reduced vision at four and a half years of age. Clinical and Experimental Optometry 2018;101(4):527-534.