A female optometrist tests the refractive error of a female patient

Community Eye Health

Working towards equity

We want everyone living in Aotearoa to have good eye health. Good eye health supports overall health and wellbeing and enables participation with whānau, in the community, at school and at work.

Our work aims to identify ways to deliver more accessible and equitable eye health services and improve eye health in Aotearoa, particularly for under-served communities

We are committed to Māori health advancement and are guided by Māori health researchers and service providers in the planning and implementation of our research programme.

Across all our activities, we value opportunities to work with communities and other stakeholders who are interested in achieving equity in eye health in Aotearoa.

Our work falls under two broad areas:

    • Improving knowledge and understanding of eye health in Aotearoa
    • Developing and testing solutions to improve access to eye health services


Associate Professor Matire Harwood shares some thoughts on eye health services in Aotearoa

Our research

Two female recruiters walk down a street

Population-based eye health survey: In 2023, we will begin New Zealand’s first population-based eye health survey. This multi-disciplinary HRC-funded project aims to promote healthy ageing, with a focus on improving access to health services for people living with eye, hearing, or foot problems, particularly if they also have diabetes. Read more…

A van with Aotearoa Vison Bus and pictures of smiling people in a clinic

Vision Bus Aotearoa: Launched in June 2022, a mobile full-service eye clinic aims to make eye care services more accessible to a range of historically under-served communities. Read more…

Te Whare Piringa - eye testing at a community centre

Improving equitable access to diabetes eye services: We have received HRC funding (2020-23) to explore how diabetes eye care services can be more accessible and responsive in Auckland and Counties Manukau.  Read more…

A woman does the thumbs up while wearing a new pair of spectacles

Community Spectacle Scheme: Established in 2021 to support SOVS Community Eye Health teaching and research activities, the Scheme is part of a wider programme to make eye care more accessible to all New Zealanders.  Read more…

geometric map of the world

Reviewing the evidence: While we have unique challenges in Aotearoa, we recognise we can learn from evaluating eye health services in other countries. Read more…