A male eye health survey participant is seated at a slit lamp while examined by a female optometrist

Diabetes eye health services

Improving knowledge and understanding of eye health in Aotearoa

Project Summary

We have several projects underway to gain an understanding of diabetes eye care services in Aotearoa.

First, we are analysing national data on diabetes eye care consultations and treatment in the period 2006-2019. This analysis will include the extent to which people with diabetes are accessing eye care in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Second, for her Masters in Health Science, optometrist Deepa Kumar is assessing attendance at diabetic retinopathy screening and the ophthalmology clinic at Counties Manukau. The project will explore whether the different processes of the two clinics has any effect on attendance.

Third, as part of a HRC funded project, we are assessing where—on the diabetes eye care pathway—people become disconnected from care in Auckland and Counties Manukau. We will also generate an estimate of the prevalence of diabetic retinopathy and vision loss from diabetic retinopathy.


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We will publish further information about these studies in the coming months

Our research team

Dr Jacqueline Ramke
Associate Professor Jacqueline Ramke

Principal Investigator

Deepa Kumar

MHSc candidate

Pushkar Silwal

Research Assistant

Arier Lee

Biostatistician, School of Population Health, University of Auckland